Writing as Healing


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No Knowing What Lies Around the Bend


My original intent was to write about the ways humor helped get me through treatment for double-hit lymphoma and the inevitable re-adjustment blues after. But as my two-year mark looms large (2 May 2014), I find myself unexpectedly serious.

I’m not much of one for anniversaries, even of the good kind. I have to check calendars to remind myself of birthdays and to count back to know how long my husband and I have been partners together. Last year, my transplant “birthday” passed without a murmur, marked only by my insurance company’s argument that there was no evidence that further PET-scans were useful and by getting my first round of inactive vaccines – seven of them. But reaching this particular two-year mark has been unexpectedly emotional.

Two years.

Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine standing here today. My sole focus was on putting one foot in front of the other, doing what I had to do to survive, finding and sharing whatever information, laughter, and love that could make us stronger. “Tomorrow” had become a foreign concept, let alone “years.”

But now, that unimaginable future is here, along with a previously unimaginable question . . . .  (click link above to read more)

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‘Cause Life Ain’t Funny
(Published on HUMOR IN AMERICA)


Why is it that when doctors don’t have an idea in their own heads, they assume that pain is all in yours?

Last November, my normal, happy, never-been-really-sick ten-year-old suddenly started having severe stomach pain and spewing noxious fluids out every orifice.  While the spewing quickly ran its course, the pain didn’t.  It never goes away.  Never.  Goes.  Away.

If ever I needed a sense of humor, this was it.  Or at least, that’s what I thought until we started going to doctors to try to find help.  Answers, perhaps.  That’s when it got really funny. . . . (Click on the link above to read more)


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