Web-links to poetry published on other sites.  Click on links to read the full poems:

“Riding Coltrane Home” (a nonce sonnet for the New Year) — Athens Word of Mouth, 31 December 2014

Sing to me, John, the reed’s vibrations
soaring and filling the empty spaces
with improvised hope.  Anticipation.
The promise of the lush life awakens . . . .

(© Sharon D. McCoy, 2014)

“War Stories” — Athens Word of Mouth , November 2014

“The Kid’s War,” he wanted to call it.  I don’t think he ever read
Vonnegut’s Children’s Crusade.  He just saw it that way, too.
Maybe that’s the way they all are.  Stories to craft a
narrative box for surreal horror that cannot be contained.
Stories to push back the nightmares haunting years,
lifetimes, never able to grow up, grow past,
get away, be unafraid, always taken back in the
reaches of the night.  Brotherhood we listeners can glimpse
only in the foggy breath of the stories . . . .

(© Sharon D. McCoy, 2014)

“Parsing the blood” — Word of Mouth , September 2014

“It runs through our veins
through our history
rivers channeled
never still
longing for immortality . . .”

(© Sharon D. McCoy, 2014)


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