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‘Cause Life Ain’t Funny (12 September 2011)

The Funny Thing about Cancer (4 September 2012)

Humor studies, on Mark Twain:

Finding the Flow:  Mark Twain, the River, and Me (17 May 2013)

If I Hear it Again, I Swear I’ll Scream:  Hemingway, Huck Finn, and “Cheating”  (2 October 2012)

Politics, Mark Twain, and Blackface (24 October 2011)

Humor studies, on other American writers and comedians:

Is a Joke Really Like a Frog? (6 December 2011)

Sunday Sermon:  Activist Humor and Frederick Douglass’s “Servants, Obey Your Masters” (21 October 2012)  Includes re-print of Douglass’s speech.

Humor studies, on teaching:



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