I’ve never been very good at following the rules, or taking surveys that ask me to “choose one.”  The choice I want is almost never there.  Or I want more than one.  Neither fish nor  fowl, that’s me.

So, where do we begin?

About half the folks who know me say I’m serious and intense.  The others say I’m a goof.  And those who know me well know that it isn’t really a choice.  I’ve always been attracted to humor that could be categorized as “painfully funny.”  When we hurt most is when we most need to laugh.  Yet we also have to be real about what hurts.  Laughter that pushes it away or pretends it isn’t there or mocks it only seems to make things worse.  But getting to the heart of it is where we find the laughter and the tears that make us stronger.  Being brave doesn’t mean we’re not scared; it means we’re terrified but do it anyway.  Being vulnerable is how we make connections that renew and nurture our own strength.  And sometimes it is easier to laugh than it is to smile.

Writing about what matters and sharing it is a beautiful and human thing.  I love listening, and I love sharing the stories and voices that matter to me.  I write for life.


Photo Credit: Michelle Castleberry, Athens Word of Mouth August 2014

This site contains a monthly blog, mostly poetry, because that seems to flow these days.  But sometimes, the road may veer off in a different direction.  Whatever happens, I hope you’ll walk along with me for a little while.


That’s a beginning, anyway.  For anyone who wants a more conventional or professional introduction, here’s my profile on LinkedIn.



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